Want more from your guitar amplifier?

We offer hand built vacuum tube guitar amps, with tone to spare!

Our amplifiers are based on the legendary late 1950's Tweed combo amps.

They come equipped with: Weber AlNiCo Signature series speakers, Weber output and power transformers, built on a chrome plated stainless steel chassis.

We use cloth covered point-to-point wiring throughout (true to vintage), Sprague electrolytic power capacitors, PIO (paper in oil) capacitors for their sweet warm tone, high quality carbon composition resistors in the signal path, gold plated ceramic tube sockets, CTS and Alpha pots, plus Neutrik jacks.

The cabinet construction is finger jointed solid pine, covered with aged Tweed fabric, grill cloth is vintage Oxblood.

The amplifiers come equipped with new reissue Tung-Sol, Mullard, Shuguang, and Electro-Harmonix tubes, unless otherwise requested.

After each amp is built, they're burned in for 24 hours, played, and then dialed in before placing into stock or shipping. Custom orders or additional options will take longer to complete. Average build time is approximately 3 weeks.

"We provide tube amp service"

for the Sunshine Coast, from Gibsons to Earls Cove, in BC, Canada.

Please contact us by email...

The following items will be for sale on our website, and eBay...
in the near future:

- New stock and NOS vacuum tubes
- Paper In Oil (PIO) capacitors
- High quality carbon comp resistors
- Effects pedals, cables, etc...
- Tech tools, and tips for the DIY'er.