Our product is great tone, backed by customer satisfaction!

Relic amplifiers are hand built on the Sunshine Coast, in the province of British Columbia, Canada. (North West Coast of North America.)

Through research, trial and error, we've attained a sound that has to be heard to be appreciated. These amplifiers are built to order (approximately 4 weeks), but on occasion we will have 1 or 2 ready to ship.

The term "relic" as defined by the world dictionary:

1. Something that has survived from the past, such as an object or custom.
2. Something kept or treasured for its past associations; keepsake.
3. Something supposedly used by or associated with a saint, venerated as holy.
4. (Informal) An old or old-fashioned person or thing.

All too often the term is used to associate with an item being made to look old by artificial wear... as in the term "relic'ing" or "relic'd".

"Relic Amplifiers" are built as icons of the past, revered for their sound, surviving trends and fashions for many decades.

The amp models we build have left their indelible stamp on the world of music, and are deservedly regarded as icons by many great musicians that play them today.

"We provide tube amp service"

for the Sunshine Coast, from Gibsons to Earls Cove, in BC, Canada.

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The following items will be for sale on our website, and eBay...
in the near future:

- New stock and NOS vacuum tubes
- Paper In Oil (PIO) capacitors
- High quality carbon comp resistors
- Effects pedals, cables, etc...
- Tech tools, and tips for the DIY'er.