Vintage design based on a late 50's Tweed Amp with 5E3 chassis:

Comes equipped with; Weber 12 AlNiCo Signature series speaker, Weber power and output transformers, chrome plated stainless steel chassis with white lettering.

Cabinet construction is finger jointed solid pine, covered with aged Tweed, and Oxblood grill cloth. The amp uses true to vintage cloth covered point-to-point wiring throughout, Sprague electrolytic power capacitors, hermetically sealed military grade PIO (paper in oil) signal caps, carbon composition resistors in the signal path, and metal film in the power stages for low noise.

After each amp is built, they're burned in for 24 hours, played, dialed in before placing into stock or shipping. Custom orders or additional options will take longer to complete.

Direct sale or web pricing is... $1499.99